Lamtec's aim is to develop equipment that provides extremely precise combustion control and enables maximum thermal power or heat output using minimum energy (fuel, electrical energy) and with minimum emission of pollutants.

Lamtec products control and monitor combustion systems, compensate disturbance variables, offering both fault protection and availability. LAMTEC systems offer greater efficiency with optimum functionality and engineer-friendly operation, making them suitable for universal application.

Lamtec devices are used by most of the well-known European combustion manufacturers for control, monitoring, and regulation of modern, low-emission burners .

The products and services of LAMTEC GmbH cover almost all areas of combustion control and management, such as: flame scanner and transmitter, comprehensive burner control which include intelligent fuel and air compound control, position of servo motor control, speed control of air fan, and intelligent O2 and combustible gas content measurement and control etc.

The application area ranges from conventional oil and gas combustion plants in industry to complex applications in power plants or in the chemical industry and commercial properties.

Analysers & Sensors

Oxygen (O2):

Lambda Sensor LS 1

The proven sensor for measuring O2 in waste gases.


  • Calibration with ambient air
  • Linear measurement signal
  • For applications up to 1700oC
  • Rapid reaction and response


  • Industry and power plants of all kinds Approved by German Technical Inspectorate (TÜV)
  • Federal Immission Control Directives(BlmSchV) 13. and 17.
  • Optimised combustio

Lambda Sensor LS 2

  • For applications up to 300oC
  • Fast response time
  • Easy to handle
  • Low maintenance costs

Applications: O2-measurement in flue gases of

  • Light oil
  • Natural gas
  • Biofuels
  • Wood

Characteristics of LS 2 K / LS 2 KV:

  • Semi- and full automatic calibration with ambient air and test gas
  • Applications up to 400oC are possible

Additional Applications:

  • Heavy oil
  • Coal
  • Special fuels

Additional characteristics LS 2-EX:

  • Ex-proofed for hazardous area zone 1; ignition protection class EEx d II B+H2T3
  • For applications up to 500oC

Unburnt Combustibles (CO / H2 ):

The CarboSen1.000 is specially designed for medium and small combustion systems. It is based on the KS1 principle, provides a current signal for COe and doesn’t need any reference air. The CarboSen1.000 is a high-resolution measuring system for the detection of small concentrations of COe in the range of 0 - 3000 ppm (ideally up to 1000 ppm).

For higher concentrations the CarboSen 10.000 is more suitable. The ideal measurement range lies between 0-10.000 ppm COe. Increasing the temperature of the sensor results in reduced sensitivity.

Also a residual content of O2 from 0,5% up to 1,0% in the flue gas is required for measurement.

Both sensors are available in two different housings, which are optimized for the respective requirements.

  • CarboSen in housing
  • CarboSen1.000: low temperature up to 120°C with condensed humidity
  • CarboSen HT: up to 450°C flue gas temperature
  • CarboSen ST with integrated electronics
  • Electronics XC164 Sensor Electronics for CarboSen and CarboSen HT for top hat rail mounting

Kombi Sensor KS 1

Microprocessor-based O2-Analyzer Systems:

Lambda-transmitter LT 1

Second generation, microprocessor-based O2 analyser, connecting up to 2 sensors

  • LS1 Lambda probe
  • KS 1 Combi probe

Available in IP 54 wall-mounted housing or as IP 65 compact unit

Bus coupling possible via:

  • LAMTEC System Bus
  • Bus interface for ProfiBus, InterBus-S, CAN-Bus, etc.

Lambda-Transmitter LT 2

Universal low-cost O2 meter for oil and gas combustion systems, based on the LS 2 Lambda probe for connecting several sensors.

Oxygen (O2): Lambda-probe LS 1
Lambda-probe LS 2
Combustion residue (CO/H2): Combi-probe KS 1
Temperature: PT 100
Pressure: Absolute, Relative, Differential Pressure

Measurement of flue gas and air intake temperature and calculation of combustion efficiency.

Detection of combustion residue (CO/H2), displayed as CO-equivalent (CO)

  • Calculation and display of CO2 concentration
  • Load-dependent and fuel-specific boundary curves / boundary values
  • O2 regulation
  • Combustion chamber pressure regulation
  • Field-bus connect

Lambda Transmitter LT10

The new sensor for O2 measurement in flue gas based on the well tried ZrO2- current principle.

Advantages :

  • linear measurement signal
  • Suitable for use up to 1400oC / 2550oF
  • Full automatic control and monitoring of the
  • Flow of measuring gas with regulated
  • Ejector or pump

Areas of application :

  • Industry and power stations of all types
  • TÜV qualification approved to 13th and 17th BlmSchV
  • Optimisation of combustion processes