Brahma began the production of burner spare parts in Legnago, Verona. The Company enlarged their production, including a complete range of oil and gas burner control units and components suitable for any application required in the market. The quality and reliability of Brahma products enabled the Company to gain high esteem in the heating field, achieving the absolute leadership in the national market. Being aware of the importance of improving design and production technologies, Brahma enlarged their Research and Development.

Burner Controller

Brahma burner controllers for gas, oil or dual fuel burners are capable of controlling and monitoring Industrial Oil, Gas burners of medium to high capacity for non permanent operation with or without fan in the combustion circuit. All these Burner Programmers perform non-volatile lock-outs, condition from which a restart of the system is only possible by means of manual reset. Their technical and manufacturing characteristics and the variety of models make Burner Control Box suitable for monobloc burners, hot air generators, steam boilers, kilns, furnaces etc .These Burner Controls mainly categorized under Boiler Spares & Burner Spares. The most popular Brahma burner controls are model CE-SE-ME– CM ,SM592 ,MM, automatic gas burner controls ; GR3 automatic oil burner controls ; RE3 Flame detection device for gas VM41 , VM42 automatic control systems for forced draught burners for gaseous fuels ; MF2 Automatic control systems for forced draught burners for gas and oil.