Lamtec's aim is to develop equipment that provides extremely precise combustion control and enables maximum thermal power or heat output using minimum energy (fuel, electrical energy) and with minimum emission of pollutants.

Lamtec products control and monitor combustion systems, compensate disturbance variables, offering both fault protection and availability. LAMTEC systems offer greater efficiency with optimum functionality and engineer-friendly operation, making them suitable for universal application.

Lamtec devices are used by most of the well-known European combustion manufacturers for control, monitoring, and regulation of modern, low-emission burners .

The products and services of LAMTEC GmbH cover almost all areas of combustion control and management, such as: flame scanner and transmitter, comprehensive burner control which include intelligent fuel and air compound control, position of servo motor control, speed control of air fan, and intelligent O2 and combustible gas content measurement and control etc.

The application area ranges from conventional oil and gas combustion plants in industry to complex applications in power plants or in the chemical industry and commercial properties.

Flame Monitoring & Flame Detectors

LAMTEC offer the complete program for monitoring flames at single or multiple burner combustion systems with high selectivity and high reliability in the following application areas:

  • Oil or gas (even combined)
  • Pulverized lignite
  • Chemical residua and other by-products

The flame monitoring devices are pre-eminently qualified for combination with the latest compound management systems with integrated burner control. The outcome of this are a lot of advantages for the customers benefit:

  • All in one hand
  • High professional competence around combustion
  • Shorter ways for service and distribution