Suntec Industries is a world- leading supplier of Burner fuel pumps for the heating and air comfort markets and is recognized as the leader in the design and development of these Burner Gear Pumps.

Suntec offers an unrivalled range of 600 models of fuel pumps for LDO and heavy oil with capacity up to 4000 Ltr. / hr. These pumps are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial oil burners ranging from 10kW to 30000 kW capacity available for different burners for wide variety of oils from Kerosene, Bio-diesel, HSD, Furnace Oil etc...

Suntec pumps are used as oil Diesel Burner Spares, also popularly known as Burner Fuel Oil Pump, Burner Gear Pump, Oil Burner Pump, Diesel Burner Pump, Heavy Oil Burner Pump. Furnace Oil Pump.

Fuel Pumps

Suntec manufactures about 600 Models of Oil Burner Fuel Pumps, Gear Pumps for various applications. These are widely used as Boiler Spares, Oil Burner Spares.

Low Capacity Diesel Burner Pump …..AS47A, AS47C, AN67B, AN77

From 10 to1000 kW, Light oil and kerosene applications, Burner Fuel Oil Pumps with or without solenoid valve, for single step or two step operation.

Medium Capacity Burner Pump….D57A, D57C, AJ6AC, AJ6AE, J6CCC, J7CAC, E4NC, E6NB, E7NA

From 400 to 3000 kW Burner oil Pumps with or without hydraulic cut-off light oil or heavy oil Burner applications.

High Capacity Heavy Oil Burner Pump…TA2C, TA3C,T4C, TAR

From 3000 to 300000 kW, Burner Gear Pumps with electric preheater facility for Heavy Oil Burner Applications.