Danfoss is a leading global manufacturer of Burner Components used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Danfoss is recognized as a global trendsetter. Danfoss Oil Burner Components offer a complete range of components for monitoring and controlling oil burners in domestic and commercial applications. Danfoss offer a wide range of Burner components like Burner Oil Spray Nozzles, Burner Fuel Pumps, Burner Ignition units, photocell units and solutions for generation, distribution and use of heat for comfort and energy savings in homes and industry.

Danfoss strive to create evermore energy-efficient solutions and sustainable energy generation to safeguard the global environment.

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Ignition Unit

These are new EBI 4 series transformers of electronic type and these are Lead fee and RoHs compliant. These are available for both intermittent and continuous duty for single pole and two pole variety for small and medium oil and gas burners. Models available are EBI4 - 052F 4030 / 4038 / 4034 / 4040 / 4036 and 4031 varieties with plug in type primary cable.

These are already in built with suitable interference suppression free filters to overcome field disturbances in panels.