Siemens Combustion Controls (SCC) ranks among the most reputable manufacturers of boiler/burner auxiliary equipment in the modern market, and we highly recommend their products as durable, safe, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Siemens Combustion Controls makes all manner of specialized equipment to enhance the safety, performance, and efficiency of commercial/industrial boilers and burners. Their products feature modular design, high compatibility across systems, easy installation, and long dependability. SIEMENS makes a large line of quality components, all of which undergo rigorous quality/performance testing. Siemens supplies the right drive for every system.

Siemens remains on the forefront of new requirements for low emission levels, high-efficiency burners, and the use of biofuels. Their exceptional use of electronics, mechanics, sensors, and other components enables their products to thrive in a vast array of regulatory and physical environments. Siemens is one of the most reliable partners for burner manufacturers.

Siemens, Landis & Gyr combustion control product range is of Burner Sequence Controller, Burner Programmer, Gas Burner Controller, Oil Burner Controller, Burner Control Box, Burner Management System, Flame Detector, Flame Sensor, Ultra Violet Flame Detector, U V Detectors, Flame Sensor Photocell, Burner Flame Detection Electrodes, Flame Scanner, Flame safeguards, Photocells, Photo Resistive Flame Sensors, Infrared Flame Detectors, IR Flame Detectors, Burner Flame Safe Guard Relay, Flame Switch, Burner Flame Monitor, Oil Gas Burner Ignition Transformers, Electro Hydraulic Actuator, Gas Valves Damper Motors, Servo Motors, Damper Actuator, O2 Sensors, electronic burner management systems and valve proving system.

Photocell Flame Sensor

Siemens Flame detectors are ideally suitable for monitoring zones in which outbreaks of open fire are expected. The flame detectors are used as Oil Burner Spares & Gas Burner Spares for the supervision of gas flames, yellow or blue burning oil flames and for ignition spark proving. Flame Scanners wide monitoring radius and the detection even of smaller

flames at long distances also make it the ideal detector for large, open-plan structures. The Burner Flame detectors can be supplied with or without securing flange and clamp . Different types of flame sensors like Ultra violet flame Detector, Selenium Photocell, Photoresistive Photocell, Infra red detectors are available which are suitable for Siemens Burner control units. Siemens Photocells…QRB 1, QRB 3, RAR series: Siemens U.V. Detectors… QRA... series: These Ultra Violet Flame Detector are compatible and can be used with respective Siemens controllers for different gas burner applications