DUNGS is a synonym for safe and clean gas combustion. Dungs develop and manufacture innovative system solutions for the thermal and process heating industry and gas engines. Dungs offer the complete range of hardware: From single valves to complete gas trains and from automatic burner controls to complete burner management systems. Dungs always explore new areas and implement innovative ideas to become the experts in the field of safety and control technology. The increasing utilization of gas as an environmentally friendly energy source is the main driver for their growth.

DUNGS is an important partner of the burner, heating, air-conditioning and process heat industry. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of components and complete systems for gas safety and control technology. Dungs contribute to safe, clean combustion of gas and oil for heating and manufacture top-quality technological products, Gas Burner Spares for Gas Train like Ball valves, Gas Filters, Gas Pressure regulating Valves, Gas Pressure Governor, Gas Air Pressure Switches, Single Solenoid Valve, double Solenoid Valve, Gas Multibloc, Valve proving system etc. Dung offer perfectly matched mechanical and electronic system components for atmospheric and forced-air burner-heater units, and industrial heating production processes and combustion systems.

Pressure Switches for air & Gas (GW, LGW…UB… Series)

Dungs Make Air Pressure Switches. Vastly used as crucial component in large gas train, these switches help in modulating pressures in burning processes. Popular models are LGW - A2, LGW - A2P, LGW - A4, GW - A6, GW - A5 series with different set pressure ranges are available. Dungs GW.. range of Pressure Switches & Differential Pressure Switches are compact adjustable pressure switches for automatic burner controls. They are suitable for switching a circuit on ,off or over on changes in actual pressure value relative to the set reference value. These components are used for pressure regulation shutoff and control of gas. Dungs Products includes Air Pressure Switch LGW 3A1, LGW3A2, LGW 10A2, LGW3A2P, Gas Pressure Switch GW10A6, GW50A6, GW150A6, GW150A5, GW 500A6.

DUNGS pressure switches are available both for air and gas. These are available in different models and suitable for different applications. Other specific models are weatherproof versions, available from Dungs range of pressure switches from the specific product program.