Brahma began the production of burner spare parts in Legnago, Verona. The Company enlarged their production, including a complete range of oil and gas burner control units and components suitable for any application required in the market. The quality and reliability of Brahma products enabled the Company to gain high esteem in the heating field, achieving the absolute leadership in the national market. Being aware of the importance of improving design and production technologies, Brahma enlarged their Research and Development.

Brahma Flame Sensors

Brahma flame detectors / sensors are used for flame detection in gas and mixed fuel (gas and oil) burners. UV phototubes consist of a glass bulb filled with gas, containing two electrodes suitably shaped. When supplying both electrodes with AC voltage, if an ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation hits the phototube, the electrons, emitted by the negative biased electrode and captured by the positive biased one, start an ionization process leading to the generation of an electric discharge and hence to the production of electric current. UV phototubes exploit ultra-violet radiation emitted by the light generated by the flame; they are especially suitable for appliances in which very dissimilar fuels (e.g. liquid and gaseous fuels) are used. Flame Electrodes, Ionizations Rod are also widely used for sensing the Flame as Boiler Spares.